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Trips to the fascinating Caucasus Region!
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A global hub for all student opportunities – internships, scholarships, conferences...
Untamed Borders

Adventure travel to Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Somaliland and more ...
Art in All of Us

Promotes tolerance and cultural exchange throughout all 192 UN members, with art and creativity activities.


Harry Mitsidis

Founder. Global nomad, bowling, aviation, statistics, Eurovision Song Contest fan!
Daniel Zagrodzki

IT consultant/ developer. For work - loves IT; in spare time - loves all outdoor activities.
Milana Bojinović

Executive Associate. Wanderlust soul, striving to stoic mind. Scuba diver, nature lover.
Wojciech Fedoruk

Executive Committee and Vice-Minister of Internal Relations. Showing the world to his children. Fan of polar regions.
Hamid Sadeghi

Associate. 29 from Tehran. Interested in photography and online businesses.
Thomas Büchler

Minister of Internal Surveillance. UNESCO World Heritage Sites afficionado.
A. Mehmet Haksever

Executive Committee Member. World Heritage traveller, Islamic architecture, meditation, cruising.
Markus Lundgren

Executive Committee and Ambassador. Restless traveller wanting to learn from other world views.
Steve Newcomer

Executive Committee Member. Passionate about refugee resettlement, wildlife and nature conservation.
Pirkko Schildt

Online Operations Minister. Travel and stories from travels. Travelling duo with my husband
Jack Goldstein

Minister of Series. Every type of travel including very long drives.
Grigori Yeghiazaryan

External Relations Minister.
Gianni Bianchini

Digital Sphere Minister. Blogger, writer, photographer and youtuber. Co-founder of Nomad is Beautiful.
Orest Zub

Automated Communications Minister. Online entrepreneur, blogger and author from Ukraine
Tor Anders Birkenes

Minister for 193. Electrical Engineer and World Traveller from Norway, aiming for 193
Dietmar Cerjak

Minister of Series. My aim is to feel the world, to smell, to taste and to sense everything, to see behind all the mountains, to sail the Seven Seas and to explore the unknown lands.
Bill Wohlrab

Communications and News Minister. An optimistic citizen of the world who longs for the open road.
Harri Tuomola

Minister of Major Lists. Fan of borders and lists. Native of Finland, currently residing in Mitrovica
Joao Paulo Peixoto

Tim Meyer

Herbert Marin

Ambassador - Spain.
David Langan

Ambassador - Ireland.
Ric Gazarian

Ambassador - US and Thailand. Chasing 193 at, podcasting at Counting Countries
Anthony Asael

Madagascar Ambassador. World traveler and dreamer that lived 6 years in Madagascar.
Đorđe Radinović

Serbia Ambassador. Lawyer & Geographer - Relentless enthusiast and explorer of Our Planet.
Lillie Echevarria

Ambassador. Capturing wildlife, landscapes and people thru my lense!
Henrik Jeppesen

Ambassador. Visited every country at age 27. Now focused on Nomad Mania.